Antelope Packages

*Antelope are offered as an add-on and no longer a stand alone hunt.

With over the counter archery tags for non-residents it’s an affordable and laid back hunt setting. We are either using the spot and stalk method throughout the day or utilizing blinds over water and agriculture fields to hunt these bucks. They typically live in very open but broken terrain so they are not easy to stalk. Average shot distance is 50-60 yards so you’ll want to make sure you are prepared for this hunt. Visit the media tab to download our recommended gear lists and preparation documents. Non residents do not have the option for a buck rifle hunt, only doe/fawn. Residents need to draw a rifle/muzzleloader permit (we’re in the Cherry unit).

For the 2019 season we had 5 archery antelope hunters, 1 was successful and 3 others shot but missed (some multiple times) while the other got the full draw but didn’t get a shot off before the buck bolted.

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