Whitetail Packages

We hunt our whitetails on their transition areas from the feed to bedding. Archery hunts will be out of tree stands or blinds, while muzzleloader hunters will typically be out of blinds with some opportunity for mobile ambushing and spot and stalk. We’re typically looking at whitetail deer ranging from 120″-140″, with the potential for 150+”. We do not have any hidden trophy fees for whitetails.

We begin hunting bucks the beginning of November during archery season and transition through December doing rifle and muzzleloader hunts.

Muzzleloader season runs from December 1-31 during the cold post rut. This is a favorite time to hunt because of the high deer numbers and new bucks move in every day. We’re typically sitting in ground blinds with buddy heaters for the morning and evening transitions. Hunters typically see a lot of deer on these hunts and can look at a number of bucks before deciding what they want to harvest.

We offer fully guided trips only.

Mule Deer

Extremely Limited

While we do have a population of mule deer, the ratio to whitetail is about 1/3, so hunters shouldn’t expect to only see mule deer. Because of this we really limit the number of mule deer hunters that we take per year. Hunters that purchase a mule deer hunt with us can fill their tag on a whitetail if they so choose to.

We’re typically looking at mule deer ranging from 130″-150″. Our mule deer hunts are equivalent to some other outfitters “management” hunts. We see a lot of 3×3 and 3×4 bucks but have never had genetics to consistently see solid 4×4 bucks. This is not an easy hunt. Prepare to put the time and work in for an opportunity.


Rifle Hunts 

We will have a limited number of slots available for rifle deer. For the whitetail you can expect 135″+ and 130″-150″ for the mule deer.

As explained above, we just aren’t in an area with consistent trophy 170″+ mule deer. We are offering the hunt in a couple different packages listed below.

The packages are inclusive with lodging, meals, blinds/stands provided, private land, field transportation to/from field, skinning and meat care for transportation home inclusive.

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